Vancouver Hair Extensions | Natural Beaded Braidless Extension Weaving by Christine Lee Song

Natural Beaded Braidless Extension Weaving by Christine Lee Song

Natural Beaded Braidless Extensions Weaves, Secret Veil,Vogue Pearl,Natural Beaded Extensions, Net Weaving (for thinning hair), Lace Frontal Closures & Full Lace Wigs- Private Area Available / by Christine Lee Song

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Natural Beaded Braidless Weaving: To add length and volume. I do this method 5 different ways. Secret Veil, Vogue Pearl,Natural Beaded Extensions, Micro Weaves, and Christina Method Whichever method suits you the best. It is by far the most, painless, flattest, and a less damaging weaving technique. $75 per row including removal only if its done by me

Secret Veil is another braidless weave method both personal favorites of mine $75 per row
Net weaving is a type of hair extension used on people experiencing varying degrees of hair loss, severe hair loss, prominent bald spots, psoriasis, chemotherapy, other cancer treatments, pattern alopecia, trichotillomania or other medical conditions. The basic process involves applying a thin net over the head, securing it to the natural hair, and then sewing hair extensions on the net. When finished, it will look as if the person has a full and healthy head of hair. To maintain the extensions, With proper care, the net weave should last two to three months. With tightening in between.

Net Weaving Starting at 150

Full lace closures & frontals start at $75

Full lace wig sew in starting at $175